Single nozzle hot runner system

Small size, contains great strength!

· Unique two-stage heating design, easy to

    deal with various working conditions.

· According to the characteristics of each kind of plastic,

    optimize the winding of nozzle head heater
    Density to ensure optimum injection performance.

· Highly interchangeable parts, even if the

    service life is reached, it can be faster and faster
    Change, improve production efficiency.

Single point needle valve hot runner system

Surging power creates endless possibilities.

·Two types of cylinders, large and small, matched with all

    standard nozzle structures, are sufficient.

·Product surface glue? Cold runner feeding? do as one wishes.

·Industry general technical guidelines, the vast majority of

    accessories, can be used!

Multi point open hot runner system

Adhere to each hot nozzle, temperature control is accurate.


Rapid heating

Flow balance


Power saving and energy saving

Solve carbonization

Integral cable frame hot runner system

A part is a set of hot runner

Customer needs


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